Save the ions!

When a crazy person talks to bots…

Allright, fine, it was me…

I have just discovered that Google Translate can be used through XMPP! Details in this article about translation bots.

The odd thing is, once I have a “contact” in my contact list, I don’t expect it to be a bot (yes, I would suck at being a judge for a Turing test), so I get carried away…

(15:40:36) ion: you're the best, mr. googlebot!
(15:40:36) tu es le meilleur, Monsieur. googlebot!
(15:40:48) ion: i'm not a googlebot!
(15:40:49) Je ne suis pas un robot Googlebot!
(15:41:02) ion: yes you are!
(15:41:03) Oui vous êtes!
(15:41:14) ion: hey!
(15:41:14) hey!
(15:41:21) ion: you're making me angry!
(15:41:22) vous me mettre en colère!
(15:41:36) ion: quit repeating all I say!
(15:41:36) arrêter de répéter tout ce que je dis!

Anyways, have fun with the bots!

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